Terms of Software

This "Terms of Software" (the "Agreement") states terms and condition of services (the "Service") provided by the Jorte Inc. (the "Company"), as free services, and as charged service must be paid to the Company, and

In addition, by agreeing to the terms and conditions, you can use the service. If you continue to use this service after this agreement has taken effect, all change is deemed to be agreed to all terms and conditions.

Article 1 Assurance and change of the service

Company does not guarantee that the content of the services provided, fully operates at the user's environment, even if they meet the software integrity, reliability, operating requirements. Company also, from time to time, may revise this Agreement without advance notice to customers, change content, service specification and price, and shall be able to stop or abort the offer. However, if a significant impact on customers may be concerned, it shall provide reasonable advance notice period.

If the customer would like to contact company, please contact at e-mail address specified and provided our contact page. Company answers to email inquiries from customers by e-mail only as principal rule. E-mail responses to inquiries guarantee no integrity and reliability.

Company shall be able to post ads of own or third-party who requested to post. Please keep also in mind that in order to improve this service, non-personally identifiable information about your function usage status may be collected.

Article 2 Eligibility for Services

Customers acknowledge and agree that Company owns all right to set rule for using service, such as who can be registered at Jorte Account ("Account"), or restrict to persons over a certain age, or limit to who can be registered after the procedure of identification confirmation and checking criteria.

Once Company checks application for account, Company sends completion notification to e-mail address entered by the applicant (which must be managed by members).

Upon receiving the notification, application is completed, and the applicant becomes a member (the "Member"). Applicant's information registered with Company, will strictly managed in accordance with laws and its privacy policy. Even if the penalty incurred by incompleteness of registration information of applicant, the Company assumes no responsibility for this.

Note that when using the Service by minors, parental consent is required in advance.

If deemed appropriate in the following items, services are not eligible for. Company, however, does not have obligation to check use of services by the members is applicable or not.

  • (1) the act of unauthorized use of another member's accounts, the act of trying to access Company's facility or other members electronic data storage.
  • (2) the act of using or providing computer viruses and other harmful programs
  • (3) let others use login ID, password, or the act of publishing login ID, password for that purpose
  • (4) perform an application for account using false information, and use services
  • (5) damages someone else's copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights, image rights, and the honor or trust, or infringe the privacy, or give tangible or intangible disadvantage and damage to other
  • (6) lead to criminal acts, criminal acts, acts contrary to public policy, or encourage crime act
  • (7) obscenity, images corresponding to the child abuse or child pornography, display any posting or the like documents, resell the media on which recorded them, sent them, display, act, etc. are displayed ads evoke the sale
  • (8) other actions deemed inappropriate by the Company or any other act that violates the law

Article 3 Member's responsibility for the account

Member shall manage and use login ID and password at own responsibility, and is liable for all. Member may not lease or give own login ID and password to third parties and password login ID, for any damages caused by such third parties usage, Company shall have no liability for this.

Member, in the event applicable to the following items, contact Company immediately and follow its instruction.

  • (1) e-mail address is no longer available which was reported as the login ID
  • (2) forgot the login ID and password
  • (3) login ID, password is available to third parties, or if there is a risk that
  • (4) if there are any other changes to the registered information

If the login ID and password combination to match the registration information, the Company considers it is from registered member for such account, and if there are any fees or purchase price, by using service or purchasing (not limited to any subject such as price, fee, membership fee, and including the obligation of the members we also commissioned from a third party recovery. Hereafter "proce "), this will be charged to this account which has been registered.

If such compensation payments made by the Company or if the expenses incurred in relation to complaints caused by the actions of member, member shall bear all expenses and compensation (including attorneys' fees), which was paid by the Company.

Article 4 Billing and payment

When member uses the pay service, the method of payment is limited to financial institution or payment services predetermined by Company, and it has to be account holder must. In addition, if deemed necessary by the Company, the maximum amount may be determined for the settlement.

If member uses products or services, Company claim each month end as a general rule and will be settled next month (date given). However, for the claim closing date, please check with your financial institution or payment service.

We will not issue any receipts to member regarding for settlement.

Payment is irrevocable, paid fees will be non-refundable. It is possible to cancel monthly payment, however it cannot be cancelled for current month.

Note that if member delays the payment, Company may transfer debt to a third party.

Beside of products and services we offer, we will not go into a contractual relationship with the member for our products and services that are available for purchase.

If member stops using the service, if there are deficiencies in the registration information such as financial institutions or payment services registration, or if payment cannot be made due to the member's circumstances, the Company shall not be liable for such damage of member.

Article 5 Treatment for electronic data

For electronic data managed by our member, and stored on Company's servers, member is responsible for backup, regardless of whether Company takes back up or not. Furthermore, in case of need for maintenance and improvement of Company's services, Company can make copy to the extent necessary to maintain and service improvement.

Such as electronic bulletin boards, etc. which can be accessed by unspecified or large numbers of member, for content posted by member, its copyright belongs to the copyright holder or member of such content. For such content by member, it is presumed that member grant free and non-exclusive license(including the right to sub-license) to Company to use in Japan and abroad (including reproduction, exhibition, public transmission, display, distribute, transfer, lease, translate, adapt, including the publication) with no expiration.

In addition, members shall not exercise the moral rights.

Company, without obtaining permission from members, shall not view any electronic data and disclose to any third party. However, if member fall under any of the following items are within the scope of its purpose, browse the data electronically, and it can be disclosed to third parties or.

  • (1) of the third party's life, health, and if Company believes that it is required to protect the vital interests of the person or property.
  • (2) disclosure order has been issued under the law
  • (3) electronic data stored by Company, act contrary to the entitlement prescribed in Article 2 of this Agreement, and if Company believe that Company has or may
  • (4) the type of electronic data stored by Company (such as file format), text information, access status and additional information, statistical information, such as number of capacities, form does not personally identify acquired, the Company and its When used to improve the development and improvement of software partners.
  • (5) by using types of electronic data(such as file format), text information, access status, additional information and information such as number of capacities, which are stored by Company in a way that does not personally identify, Company and its partners converted into information that identifies the information, and display to unspecified number of people for viewing the service.

Article 6 Privacy Policy

When member registers for an account and be asked to pay for fee based service, it is requested to register email address, birth date, financial information and etc. Personal information Company collect is limited to those necessary to provide its services available through services or company.

Company use personal information in the following items.

  • (1) to view or modify own registration information by member
  • (2) to use an e-mail address to contact and inform the member
  • (3) to confirm the identity of the member by personal information
  • (4) to refuse to use service for who breach of this Agreement or who tries to exploit any improper purpose
  • (5) to respond to inquiries from member
  • You will also need to agree to the following regarding for personal information.
  • (1) display names and nicknames can be identified to an unspecified number of people are viewing the service, to identify the disclosure and author
  • (2) when member try to apply for a fee based services and products, shall be disclosed to partners specified by Company the information needed to apply
  • (3) to refuse to use services for who violates these terms, or who tries to exploit any improper purpose, disclose personally identifiable information to partners.
  • (4) disclose to alliance partners if the Company receives inquiries about services provided by those partner companies.
  • (5) when company receives a decision or order mandating disclosure under the law from the court, or when receives a formal referral authority in accordance with regulations prescribed investigation from police and other public institutions.
  • (6) if there is imminent danger to a person's life, the physical and or property, and even if there is an urgent need, if it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual
  • (7) if permitted by privacy laws

Article 7 Suspension of services, and deletion of electronic data

Company, in order to operate properly for the services provided, in the following cases without advance notice, may remove electronic data or content, or refuse the use of all or part of the service, delete member's account and shall be able to take action and remove such.

If Company determines that any of the items fall into each of the following, member may not be accepted for the account.

  • (1) made false statements, omissions or errors to the contents of an application for membership
  • (2) received valid treatment from the issuing company of credit card for applicants for fee based services
  • (3) when the applicant who uses the service is suspended or terminated by the Company in the past
  • (4) when the company judged that the credit crunch has occurred, such as received a petition for bankruptcy or civil rehabilitation proceedings of members
  • (5) if an account is registered or used by anti-social forces or its members, or if we believe that we have it or its
  • (6) if Company deems inappropriate as members

Article 8 Mandate for software

Intellectual property rights of our software development (the "Software") will belong to Company or our partners.

Company has no guarantee that it works in the user's environment, even though the software integrity and reliability, even if they meet the operating requirements. In addition, and shall modify the specification of the software without notice, or if you experience any damage by using this software, providing the public use, maintain technical licensed program of the user, and any technical and other improvements Company provided such obligation shall not bear it.

Upon use of the Software following items are prohibited.

  • (1) reverse engineer, perform disassembly, or decipher the source code in other ways
  • (2) use the software to control such facility that may pose a risk of serious bodily injury to persons or property, and to use the software and instructions on usage does not comply with its obligations
  • (3) use Software or develop own software in order to receive a fee, will be available to you or any third party, or without obtaining the prior written consent of our way to specify, sell software, redistribution, rent, and license
  • (4) if the Company determines that any other inappropriate
  • If you wish to use the API provided by the Company, the following matters authorized points apply.
  • (1) API users must adhere to, when developing software using the API provided by the Company, the Company's prescribed guidelines "credit display guideline" and "credit placement rules".
  • (2) Application ID and other information which is specified by the Company, must be stated on software developed by API user. Application ID and other information will be sent to us for using the available development software developed by API user.

Article 9 Disclaimer

Acquisitions by download files through the use of the Services shall be performed with member's discretion and responsibility. Regardless of whether it also is due to this or not, about data loss and damage to your computer or other device is fully responsible for the member.

The range of damages in case of damage to member caused by our entire liability, is limited to damages incurred in the normal range of direct and actual damages, and the Company shall bear the liability with maximum amount of compensation which is limited to the amount paid by member to the company, regarding for fee based service and individual features.

Article 10 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

Establishment of this agreement, effective and interpreting the law is under the laws of Japan. In addition, the application of this Agreement, all disputes relating to the interpretation and use of the Service, and the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of first instance is set to the Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court.

But regardless of this, injunctive relief in any court of competent jurisdiction by the Company (or a similar urgent legal relief) shall be allowed to agree to be determined.

November 22, 2011

Privacy Policy
Established on July 1, 2006
Revised December 11, 2006

We recognize the importance of protecting personal information, try to keep proper handling of personal information in mind, and make efforts so as not to violate the privacy of customers and employees.

Also, in order to comply with laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information, we established internal rules, "Jorte Inc. Privacy Compliance Program" and will continue to do this throughout the company.

In order to protect the personal information of customers and employees, we will comply with following rules.

  • (1) In order to protect the personal information of customers and employees, we will comply with relevant laws and other norms.
  • (2) "Personal Information Protection Compliance Program," established on a voluntary basis, to comply with it, and make continuous improvement.
  • (3) We take appropriate safety control measures, to prevent disclosure, loss, destruction, alteration of personal information you provide, unauthorized access to personal information and to rectify.
  • (4) In addition to personal data protection training for employees, assign the personal information manager and strive to appropriately manage personal information.
  • (5) When asked to provide personal information from customers and employees, inform their purpose, always done with consent.
  • (6) The personal information provided by customers and employees is to be used only within a range of purposes have agreed, without the consent with customers and employees, it shall not be used for any other purpose.
  • (7) For answering queries about the personal information, please get in touch with us at: privacy@jorte.com. If disclosure or corrections are asked from the customer or employee, we respond to it confirming personal identification.